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Library regulations

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1. Membership

 1.1.  All registered University of Worcester students and members of staff (jointly defined in this document as University members) may use the library services, including The Hive, and have borrowing and access rights to the print and electronic resources provided. All University members are entitled to general and specialist help from Hive and other Library Services staff.

1.2.  By registering with the University all students are subject to the Terms and Conditions.

1.3.  Access may vary for some students following University of Worcester courses at partner organisations.

1.4.  University members should be aware that The Hive provides a set of joint services for University members and for members of the public. It is a shared resource. All users (University members and members of the public) can use the study spaces and PCs and borrow items. Borrowing allocations are set according to type of member: University members have an increased allocation for study purposes. Additional study spaces are available across the University for University members.

1.5.  All University members have an ID card which is also used as a library card. This must be produced each time you borrow resources.

1.6.  Your University ID card is for your sole use and must not be lent to anyone else under any circumstances.

1.7.  Upon graduating, alumni become public members of the library but will be entitled to enhanced borrowing rights of University library materials.


2. Borrowing Rights

2.1.  You are responsible for all items borrowed on your library record.  By borrowing material, you are agreeing to comply with the terms of the service, and commit to returning or renewing items by the due date. Reminders sent by the library are a courtesy only, and non-receipt is not a valid reason for removal of fines.

2.2.  You are responsible for the safe return of any items borrowed using your card. There are standard charges for lost or damaged items.

2.3.  Students should ensure details are correct on your SOLE record: this information is used by the library system.

2.4.  Fines are charged for the late return of material. Information on how to pay fines is available here. Non-payment may result in a temporary suspension of your account.

2.5.  The library provides a reservation system to ensure that books are available to all users. By borrowing material, you are agreeing to comply with the terms of the reservation service, and commit to returning items when requested.

2.6.  University debts, including library debts, should be cleared at the end of a course of study. Outstanding debts can be referred to the University's Finance Office for further action.


3. Conduct in The Hive and other study spaces, including the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre

3.1.  Please show consideration to all other library members by following the guidance for behaviour in zoned areas. Information is displayed in each area.

3.2.  High standards of courtesy are expected of staff and of all library members using the buildings, as set out in the University's Diversity and Equality policies.

3.3.  Deliberate damage of materials or fittings will be referred to the Student Code of Conduct procedures/Staff disciplinary process as appropriate.

3.4.  Theft of library or other study space material will be referred to the Student Code of Conduct procedures//Staff disciplinary process as appropriate.

3.5.  Library Services and Hive Management reserve the right to exclude or suspend from membership any user who infringes these regulations.

3.6. All users (University members and members of the public) must agree to, and comply with The Hive’s Acceptable Use Agreement when accessing the Internet. University members must also comply with the University’s ICT Regulations.

3.7. All users (University members and members of the public) must comply with all aspects of copyright law and to the terms and conditions in all licence agreements when using all printed, electronic, audio-visual, or other materials provided by, or through, or used on the premises of the University.

3.8. All users (University members and members of the public) should be aware that The Hive is used by children and vulnerable people and behave accordingly. Images and other material on the Internet should be viewed responsibly.


4. Our commitment

4.1.  Hive and Library Services staff are available to help you use the study spaces and the resources effectively.

4.2.  Library Services will intermittently review its regulations to ensure that we are providing the best service for our users. Feedback can be provided via our help and contact page.


Further information about services can be found on the University Library or The Hive webpages.

Worcestershire County Council Library Byelaws apply at The Hive and other County Libraries.


Library Services: version 2, December 2015