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The return of Reffie

21st March 2016

The return of Reffie

Have you spotted a cheeky, toothy grin around campus?

Have you spotted a cheeky, toothy grin around campus?

Or a pair of especially beady eyes examining the latest exhibition at the Hive? If so, you are lucky enough to have witnessed the return of Reffie, Library Services’ resident referencing raptor.

Way back in the halcyon days of Summer 2015 Reffie, aided by a small team of University of Worcester students, hatched into this world to fulfil his destiny to promote Library Services to students from far and wide. Reffie’s friendly face and tiny arms starred in a host of student #shelfies and his steadfast presence on the askalibrarian desk reassured those who were otherwise daunted by our (actually very lovely) real-life librarians.

Nevertheless, following the headiness of Welcome Week and library inductions, Reffie ceased to appear on campus and our little raptor fell into relative obscurity.

But, since his triumphant January comeback, Reffie is more ready than ever to spread the word of the library and bring dinosaur-shaped joy to students everywhere. Reffie has been busy sampling chocolatey delights in the SU, addressing StARs forums and staff student committees, and even taking some time out to appreciate a little culture at the Hive. 

Reffie with fair trade Easter eggs

Reffie with a photo of an alligator

And, most exciting of all, Reffie has made it onto social media where he is able to document his adventures and share his infinite raptor wisdom with the world wide web. Follow Reffie’s rapping antics and library adventures on Facebook and Twitter.

Here he is experimenting with a new look and a little raptor rap.

What should I do today? Yes!












[Raps] Veggies are the way to go, eat healthy and... yo, yo yo!

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