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Resource Lists rollover

13th May 2016

Resource Lists rollover

What staff need to know

What staff need to know

Since we launched Resource Lists (Talis Aspire) last September we’ve had 96,877 visits, with users averaging 5.51 minutes each time. That’s over 9445 hours of Resource List goodness! Student feedback shows a substantial rise in satisfaction with library services in many subject areas which we believe is related to the greatly improved access to reading resources. We also know that resource lists have saved academics time in providing easier access to digitised content and ordering. Our Resource Lists have been accessed from every corner of the globe, from Argentina to Zimbabwe!



To continue providing this service we are rolling over Resource Lists at 4pm on Friday 3rd June for the 2016/2017 academic year. 

We take your 2015/16 list and copy it to the new academic year. The new list will be available in draft.


 What do I need to do now?

  • Ensure all your current 2015/16 lists are published. Anything in draft will not be rolled over, though Library Services will do a final check to catch anything.
  • Do not make copies of your new list and attach to the new academic year – this is automatically done for you.
  • Do not make any changes to your lists from 4pm on Friday 3rd June until rollover is complete (maximum rollover time is 48 hours). You will receive an email to confirm rollover has happened.


What do I do after rollover?

  • After rollover, go to Resource Lists and log in. You cannot see your new draft list unless you are logged in.
  • Find your 2016/17 list and add to My Lists. We recommend you remove your 2015/16 lists from My Lists.
  • In the Edit view of your list, make any needed changes, then press Review (so we can order anything necessary) and then press Publish (to make the list visible to students). Please note lists should be updated by 1st August for semester 1 so that new items can be ordered in time.


Is that it?

  • Yes, except for making any necessary changes to URLs in your module guides or handbooks. The published 2016/17 list will have a new URL. You can either use the direct URL or simply add with an instruction for students to search by module code/name.
  • The new published Resource List will automatically be linked into the 2016/17 Blackboard module.


How can I get help with using Resource Lists?

Step-by-step guides and videos are available

Your Academic Liaison Librarian is also on hand to help you with any enquiries, either via email, over the phone, or visiting you in your office. 

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