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Reffie says hello

3rd June 2016

Reffie says hello

Introducing our resident raptor

Introducing our resident raptor



For those of you that haven’t met me yet, I’m Reffie: resident raptor and student-appointed mascot for Library Services. One of my humans kindly did a blog about me a while back but I felt it was time for me to introduce myself.



You may have seen me being escorted around the St Johns or City campuses by my humans – particularly around The Hive. If not, then keep your eyes open as I make more appearances. I’m still learning how to use the library so I’ll be sure to upload all my videos showing my progress!




No one quite knows where I came from. I’m a raptor, of sorts, and also a vegetarian with a penchant for books and rap.  As far as I know, I’m one of a kind! I’ve started up my very own twitter and facebook pages and would love to work out how to use snapchat and instagram but may need a little help from a willing student for this.

At the moment I mostly post about where I am and what’s going on around the University, though I hope to soon start contests and making friends with all the wonderful University of Worcester students online. Thanks to my knowledgeable humans, I can also help with any questions you may have about Library Services – whether it’s just about renewing books or more serious matters that you don’t know how to handle or even positive feedback. It’s the little things that make a happy Raptor.

Follow me on twitter or like my facebook page so you don’t miss out on my upcoming competitions!


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