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Students' first impressions of The Hive

20th October 2016

Students' first impressions of The Hive

Things that 3rd years wish they'd known

Things that 3rd years wish they'd known

Students First Impressions of the Hive

Our student blogger Annabelle has been asking fellow third years what their first impression of The Hive was, and if there was anything is particular that they wish they had known when they started University. Once Welcome Week was over and everyone had survived the dreaded fresher’s flu that followed, it was time to go to lectures and start working through the reading lists. These are their first impressions of The Hive.



I was very impressed by the size of The Hive and the incredibly wide range of services and books it had, but it was very daunting to try and find the right books in the right places, since sometimes it's a little bit counter intuitive.

I wish I had known more about the online library services before I started, since I was only vaguely aware of its existence and was not really sure what I could do with them, and it really is a very useful resource. I also wish I’d known how to use the book reservation online tool, since that has saved me a lot of time in Second year, which could have been saved in First year.

[Good points Curtis! You can see a full range of useful online stuff for your subject here, and a short video showing you how to reserve books here- Library Services]



I liked The Hive, it was one of the nicest things about the University, however I would have wished that the University had their own library just for students as school kids, teenagers and other people that sometimes hang around The Hive can be somewhat distracting.

[Thanks Harry. Level 4 is always silent and level 2 is also an excellent place for some quiet study. Any noise on level 3 should never be a distraction, so do report any issues to a member of staff- Library Services]



My first impression of The Hive was that it was very big, much larger than the library in my home town. I was impressed by the wide selection of books and materials to study, though I struggled to find books and relevant online articles for about the first month or two until I learned what search words were the most efficient. I also realised that there is much more going on at the library than I thought, in first year I remember that we found out that there was a Harry Potter night!

I wish I had known more about the online reservation as well as knowing I did not have to walk to the library to renew the loan on a book. The first year I walked to and from every time a book had expired. I was too intimidated to ask for help. All together there is a lot to learn, and I think there are many useful services that the library provides for students.

[We hope we Library folk are a lot less intimidating now. Always just ask, we’re happy to help. You can email or text on 01902 504126. And there’s a video showing how to renew you books here]



I thought it was a very well planned out library with lots of useful resources for students. It seemed very intimidating at first as it's such a big library but the staff were helpful and friendly so it didn't take long for me to find my way around.

Before I started I knew that The Hive is a library that is shared between the students and the public, and there have been times where I have been writing an assignment and there is a group of toddlers playing and screaming from the kids’ section on the first floor which can be distracting when you are trying to understand literary criticism (a true nightmare). If anyone has similar concerns, or feel that they simple work better in a quiet area, there are conference and meeting rooms available in the library for students that want to sit there and study (or get away from the screaming children). Just ask a librarian for help!

[Great advice Holly. There’s a space in the Hive for everyone from 0 to 100. Good quiet spots include the area behind the lifts on level 3, the area near Short Loan and of course, the meeting rooms and level 4 silent study.]

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