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Night at the movies

22nd November 2016

A night at the movies

DVDs to entertain and inform

DVDs to entertain and inform

How many of you have checked out the University’s DVD collection? On level 3 of The Hive we have nearly 1000 titles that you can borrow free of charge. There’s a whole range of stuff there from highly educational programmes to Friday night blockbusters.

Zombie movies, musicals, horror, adventure, black and white classics, this is the joy that comes from having a Film Studies course at the University. But any student can borrow a UW DVD. All you need is your student card. Choose your DVD (you can have 3 at a time) and check it out at the issue machine just like a book. Don’t forget to unlock the DVD case on your way out of the Hive. There’s a swipe machine for just this purpose.

The sharp eyed among you will have noticed there are also DVDs on level 0. You can borrow these too, but they are part of the County Council’s stock and will incur a charge of £1.30-£2.50.


Just add popcorn and you’re ready to go.

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