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£20,000? 1312 chapters? 16.5 miles?

28th March 2017

£20,000? 1312 chapters? 16.5 miles?

How do these numbers help you succeed?

How do these numbers help you succeed?

You may have noticed our latest posters around the University or perhaps picked up one of our new bookmarks and wondered what on earth the point of them is. We want you to know just how much Library Services has students at the centre of our actions, especially ‘behind the scenes.’

Take your reading lists for example. Every module has one and you would (correctly) expect the resources to be available to you since they are specifically listed. But were you aware of what goes into making this happen? Our team spends 45 minutes per chapter digitisation to ensure you have the right materials – that’s 495 hours scanning 1312 book chapters. How much could you get done in 495 hours?

Then we have our Academic Liaison Librarians. We hope that by now you know who your Academic Liaison Librarian is and how they can help you with referencing and using resources (if not head over to our contacts page and arrange a meeting). When not up on level 3 of The Hive at the askalibrarian desk, our Academic Liaison Librarians have been busy helping 7818 students over the last year and spent 368 hours teaching.

Perhaps money is more of a concern to students though, in which case you should be pleased to know that you could have spent almost £20,000 buying the resources you would need to succeed in your studies with the average resource list with just 25 books and 13 articles costing in the region of £1250! Thank goodness for libraries…


Here are the facts from our posters and bookmarks:

1. In the last year, we spent 495 hours scanning 1312 book chapters for your Resource Lists (45 minutes per digitisation)


2. On average, in 2015, you each used 165 ebook chapters, downloaded 88 articles and borrowed 31 books


3. Not so nocturnal! Most of you research online between 8:30am and 10pm which is when The Hive is open (93% of our website’s page views are between 8am and 10pm)









4. Your busiest online researching time is 2pm and 6pm is when most of you take a break


5. We have around 16.5 miles of book shelves in The Hive (that could take you all the way down the River Severn from Bewdley to Worcester)


6. Academic Liaison Librarians helped 7818 students get stuck into study (almost equivalent to the population of St John’s)


7. Academic Liaison Librarians did more than 368 hours of teaching (that’s the equivalent of watching every Game of Thrones episode just over 8 times!)


8. You could spend almost £20,000 on resources as an undergraduate, if Library Services didn’t foot the bill (just one resource list with 25 books and 13 articles could cost you £1250)

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