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Resource list rollover

8th May 2017

Resource lists rollover

What to do now

What to do now

Resource Lists have successfully rolled over for the 2017/18 academic year.  All lists have been rolled over into Draft status.


2017/18 lists should be sent for review and published by 1st August for Semester 1 so that new items can be ordered in time. 

Please help us to ensure excellent library resources for your students by making a note of this important date.


What you need to do next


Please do not edit or copy the 2016/17 version – lists have been automatically copied and attached to the 2017/18 time period.

To find the 2017/18 copy, go to the Resource Lists page and log-in (you must be logged in to view draft lists). Search by module code and look for the version marked ‘draft’ and the time period 2017/18. This can be added to My Lists for future ease of access.

If you will be teaching a module with an existing Resource List and need to change ownership of the list you can do so by clicking Edit and then Assign List Owner, and selecting Assign to me in the pop-up box.  You do not need any additional editing rights to make these changes but will need to have created a profile in Talis Aspire.

Check the content of your 2017/18 lists and make any needed changes. Once complete select Edit, Request Review then Publish.  Published lists will be immediately available to your students. Request review will send the list to the library so that we can check and order stock (including checks for new editions). 

2017/18 lists should be sent for review and published by 1st August for Semester 1 so that new items can be ordered in time. 

Digitisation requests should also be made directly from your list – go to the Edit List view, click on Request Digitisation next to the item you want digitised and complete the pop up request form. Place your digitisation requests by 1st August for start of Semester 1.

If the module lead for 2017/18 is not known at the end of this academic year, then the outgoing module tutor should take responsibility for publishing the new Resource List.  The incoming tutor should not change the Recommended for Purchase text, or remove any Essential Reading. They can add Essential and Further reading and otherwise shape the list structure to suit their teaching.


Is that it?

Yes, except for making any necessary changes to URLs in your module guides or handbooks.  The URL should be in the format, where ABCD1234 is your module code

The new published Resource List will be automatically linked into the 2017/18 Blackboard module.


Need any help?

See our help page for videos and guidance.

Your Academic Liaison Librarian is also on hand to help you with any enquiries, either via email, over the phone or by appointment

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