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Changes to ebook access

26th October 2017

Go get that book

Changes to ebook access

Downloading ebooks

Downloading ebooks

Trouble downloading some kinds of e-book?


Our academic e-book providers are increasingly moving away from PDF to the EPUB format, meaning that rather than using the standard Adobe Reader software you will also need an EPUB reader to view – and especially to download – some of our e-books. One such e-book reader application is Bluefire. You can run Bluefire on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops (on Windows, iOS and Android operating systems) and is free to download. You will also need an Adobe ID to access rights-controlled epub content like our subscription ebook services. To use Bluefire on your own devices, just follow the steps beneath to be ‘e-book ready’!

  1. If you don’t already have one, create an Adobe ID using your University e-mail address here.
  2. You can download Bluefire on your own devices here or from iTunes or Google Play. University staff and researchers: if you are using a University of Worcester PC or laptop, click the Windows button (bottom left of your screen), and search for Software Center. You'll find Bluefire available to install here, no admin rights required.)
  3. Follow the instructions on your device to install Bluefire.
  4. Once installed, open the Bluefire reader, and in the ‘Edit’ menu, select ‘Authorize App’.
  5. When prompted, enter your Adobe ID details.
  6. DONE! You’re all set to choose, download and read all our e-book content which is provided in epub format!

(Some supplier sites tell you that you will need Adobe Digital Editions software.The fact is – you don’t. Ignore that and go onto the next step to download and view with Bluefire.)

We’re also working with ICT to have Bluefire included as part of the standard UW PC image across all our campuses.


When you download an ebook for, say, Dawson Era, the file will be available as an .acsm file. This will open in Bluefire once installed. 


MacOS users please note: Bluefire support have confirmed to us that while there is a full version of Bluefire for iOS, unfortunately there isn't yet one for MacOS. Our best advice at present is to either source another epub reader through the Apple App Store or to use Adobe Digital Editions. The MacOS download can be found here

The process is very similar to that when using Bluefire: get an Adobe ID as per the earlier instructions, download and install Digital Editions, associate your installed Digital Editions with your Adobe ID, and you should be ready to go.

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