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New year's resolutions?

3rd January 2018


New year's resolutions?

We can help with that

We can help with that

Happy New Year one and all! If you've taken the decs down and got the post-Christmas blues, never fear. All our #FestiveTreat resources are still available, and many can help you emerge from the mulled-wine induced fog and get some work done. Write better, reference better, get a bit more organised. Or take up penguin spotting. You choose.


1. JustWatch - find the movies you want to watch

2. Pixabay - high quality, copyright free images

3. Free Rice - have fun and do good

4. Jing - easy peasy screenshots and screencasts

5. Momentum - stop procrastinating

6. Behind the Headlines - health fact checker

7. Library Services on YouTube - how to work a library

8. Where are you Christmas? - Christmas countdown tool

9. Recipe Puppy - get cooking

10. Daily Kitten - who doesn't need a daily kitten?

11. Box of Broadcasts - Freeview TV and radio on demand

12. Grammarly - write better

13. Mendeley - reference better

14. Written? Kitten! - get rewards for your writing

15. Stayfocusd - be more productive

16. Portable North Pole - are you on the good list?

17. Elf Yourself - festive fun

18. Alarmy - get out of bed

19. British Pathe - fascinating film archive

20. Hemingway - another way to write better

21. UW Research Collections - historic books and more

22. Instructables - learn how to make anything

23. Penguin Watch - help save the planet

24. Norad Tracks Santa - keep your eye on the big guy.

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