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Work placement projects

17th January 2018

Did you know?

Work placement projects

Work with Library Services and The Hive

Work with Library Services and The Hive

Did you know that, if you are thinking about undertaking a work placement module as part of your course, we have a variety of placements available with Library Services?

Last year students on placements contributed over 270 hours of work towards Library Services projects, including work with the Research Collections and Library Services Facebook and Twitter, research projects, The Great Hive Book Rescue, the Children's Library and video work within The Hive.

Library Services aim to provide placements that allow you to work autonomously on your individual project with the support of our friendly team. We encourage placement students to let us know which skills you would like to develop and we can suggest a suitable existing project, or work with you to create something tailored. We are always happy to hear your ideas for a project.

And it’s not all about books, previous projects have called for, amongst others, communication, creative arts and research skills and all projects can offer you the opportunity to gain customer service and project management experience in a unique University and community facing environment. You can even sing nursery rhymes and tell stories to little ones, should you so wish!

We’ve had lots of positive feedback from students who have completed work placements with Library Services:

“The project brief was very flexible/open to my own creative input”


“I enjoyed the most that my work was aimed to help students”


“I liked having the opportunity to work by myself on a project and to be able to include all of my ideas”


“My work placement experience was interesting and in the working process I learnt a lot”


To see the current list of suggested placement projects, please visit the work placement webpages or email if you have an idea for a project that you would like to discuss.


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