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February children's activities

25th January 2018

Children dressed as Hogwarts students and Mad-Eye Moody

February children's activities

Entertain and educate

Entertain and educate

There is never an uneventful day at The Hive. In fact, every day, The Hive becomes a bustling hub of life for children, students, and adults alike, no matter the day of the week. There is almost always something interesting going on.

Just this February, The Hive will be a host to numerous events aimed specifically at children and their families – a lot of them free!

Here is a list of the free events your child can attend this February!


Harry Potter Book Night
01 February (Thursday)

Lots of free activities will be available, including a hunt for the fantastic beasts, who have been set free around the library. Dressing up in Harry Potter attire for the evening is allowed, even encouraged.
There are two potion making shows: watch the expert potion makers casting their spells and making lots of chemical potions and reactions. See here for details and price.


Half Term Tales
17 February (Saturday) – 25 February (Sunday)
11:00am and 2:45pm

Every day throughout the half term, the lovely librarians will share their favourite parts of books, by reading them aloud.


Hands on History
19 February (Monday)

The Archive and Archaeology team has designed fun, hands on with history activities for your child to enjoy and learn


Coding Taster Session
19 February (Monday)

This session focuses around teaching children aged 8-12 basic coding skills, as it is a skill which is increasingly more sought after.


Doggy Day
22 February (Wednesday)
11:00am and 2:45pm

The Dogs Trust Team is happy to share their stories, as well as advice on how you ought to care for your beloved furry friends.


We hope to see you and your child soon, for a day of fun to remember! Click here for more details.


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