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Library Services in numbers

5th February 2018

Multicoloured numbers

Library Services in numbers

What are Library Services doing for you?

What are Library Services doing for you?

Ever wondered what Library Services get up to?

Well, we thought we’d take a look at the statistics from last academic year and, it turns out, we’ve all been rather busy bees!

Getting digital

Last year, we spent 1277 hours scanning book chapters for your resource lists, that’s over 53 days and nights spent at the scanner and enough time to watch every episode of Friends 15 times if you fancied it.

Teach teach teach

Last year, Academic Liaison Librarians did over 970 hours of teaching, helping 9039 students get stuck into study. Didn’t get a chance to hear from your Liaison Librarian? Come and see us on the askalibrarian desk at The Hive or get in touch to arrange a meeting. You can find out who your Academic Liaison Librarian is here.

You want it, we’ve got it…or we’ll try and get it from somewhere else for you

Last year, we processed 1666 free inter library requests to get you the additional resources you required. Want to know more about inter library requests? Visit our webpages.

We also work hard to fill our 16.5 miles of shelves with books and continually update our collection of hundreds of thousands of ebooks and online journals to make sure you’re never short of something to read.

But there’s always room for improvement; if you have a query, comment or question about how Library Services could do more you please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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