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Cite Them Right Online

12th February 2018

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Cite Them Right Online

What it is and what it isn't

What it is and what it isn't

Love it or loathe it, referencing plays a pretty major part in most assignments. There are various tools and widgets that can help you out, but which are the best for which job? Let’s take a look at Cite Them Right Online…


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Cite Them Right Online


What it is:

Cite Them Right Online answers the question “How do I reference this?” You can pick a type of source and see how to reference it. Books, articles, reports, BlackBoard materials, films, legal stuff, images, discussion forums, games: use Cite Them Right Online to reference sources your short guide doesn’t cover. It has all the referencing basics, including in-text citations, secondary referencing and the differences between quoting, paraphrasing and summarising. It focuses on Harvard, but also has drop-down options for APA, MHRA, OSCOLA and Vancouver.

What it isn’t:

It won’t store your references for you, or do your references for you. It provides extra support and advice beyond the short guide Library Services provide.

It is not the definitive guide for non-Harvard styles. For the official guidance for MHRA, OSCOLA or APA, see the links provided on the referencing page.

It is not Cite This for Me. Cite This for Me is a tool which generates references for you, including Cite Them Right Harvard 10th edition, APA, MHRA, Vancouver and OSCOLA. However, the information it uses to generate references isn't always reliable. If you use a tool like Cite This for Me, make sure you proof-read the final reference list. It needs to be consistent with the style shown in your referencing guide. If you want a reference generating tool, there are better ones available to be honest. We’ll look at them in our next blog post…

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