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Dazed and confused?

20th February 2018

Confused face

Dazed and confused?

What to do

What to do

Student blogger Agnieszka tells you how to get help:

Sometimes, all we need is just one more source to add to back up your arguments, but the process of acquiring this source can be quite daunting.

Sometimes, you end up walking in circles and weaving through endless bookshelves until you find the shelf which may or may not contain the book you desire to possess.

Or you arrive at the correct Dewey Decimal location, but find the book to be missing from where it logically should to be.

Or you find the perfect article, click on the link and then can’t download the full-text.

What now? Fear not, as staff in The Hive are always eager to help you.

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In person

If you need immediate help, the quickest and most efficient way to get it is to Just Ask one of the lovely librarians, whom you can find scattered all around the library. If, by accident, we left the top of The Hive open and all the librarians fluttered away, you are almost guaranteed to find one tethered to the askalibrarian desk on Level 3.

askalibrarian desk



If your social anxieties are too overwhelming, there are other ways for them to help!

You can e-mail your questions to, drop them a tweet @uwlibservices, or text at 01902 504126.

Alternatively, you can chat to one of the librarians online, Monday-Friday, 1-4pm.

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And finally, take a look at the range of FAQs. Just maybe, another student has asked the same question that you have.

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