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The joy of referencing

6th March 2018

One man alone in a stadium

The joy of referencing

You are not alone

You are not alone

We get a lot of referencing queries. Sometimes directly from students, sometimes from staff, sometimes redirected from tutors to us. We will always try to do our best to clear things up for you, whether it is referencing a YouTube video or structuring a reference list. Chances are if you’ve asked the question, someone else has before (or wants to). Here are some things you can try…

 …reading the short guide provided at the start of your course. If you haven’t got one, get one from the askalibrarian desk. Many of the queries we respond to can be answered by look at page 2, 3 or 4 of that guide. You can also download each of the referencing guides for the five styles in use at University of Worcester on our referencing page.

…using the Cite Them Right Online website. See our previous blog post about this one!

…checking the referencing topic on our FAQs site. It isn’t called ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for nothing!

…taking a look at your subject guide. For example, Education students may want to take a look at the Government resources section of the Institute of Education subject guide, which includes full Harvard references to the National Curricula, EYFS and other frequently cited documents.

Still stuck? Email us at, or try LiveChat, available from 1-4pm, Monday to Friday.


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