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26th March 2018

Just don't

Student life can be VERY stressful- we know. You’ve paid a lot of money, invested a lot of time and you want to get out of here with something to show for it. You have a lot of deadlines, a lot of responsibilities and something’s gotta give.

But (and we’re going to shout this, because it is important) DO NOT USE ONLINE ESSAY WRITING SERVICES TO DO YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. What’s the point? You won’t learn anything. You won’t have achieved anything apart from lining the pockets of some very dubious individuals, and you will, ultimately, get caught. Submitting an assignment written by someone else is cheating. CHEATING. Sorry, shouting again.

You are asked to complete assignments to show off what you know. If you’re having difficulties, there are people who can assist you. Library Services will cheerfully help you find books and articles on your topic, advise you on referencing and give your reference list the once over. The Language Centre offer individual appointments where you can look at structuring your essay. Our Writers-in-Residence are available to help you write eloquently and well. Your module leader or personal academic tutor will happily make space for a tutorial or give you some tips at the end of class. The excellent folk at the SU offer one-to-one advice on things like mitigating circumstances claims, if life events mean you need extra time. And if time is an issue, check out our Study Happy advice on managing deadlines and getting organised. And when you’ve finished your assignment through your own hard graft, you’ll have achieved something.

The consequences for submitting an assignment written by someone else can be great. When you’re caught, you fail the module. You’ll have to pay in the region of £1,156 per 15 credits/ £2,312 per 30 credits to retake the module, and even then your grade will be capped at a D-. And your overall degree will drop a classification, so that 2:1 you’ve been aiming for becomes a 2:2.

So write your own essays. Use the help available to help you write your own essays. You are better off getting a C that’s all your own work than a fail that is someone else’s. Cheating is taken very seriously at UW and going through the Academic Integrity system because you’ve bought an essay online is not a pleasant process. Online essays mills promise the earth, but they will actually cost you your degree.

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