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Deadline anxiety

14th May 2018

Girl walking through a wood, carrying a backpack

Deadline anxiety

How to cope

How to cope

Our student blogger Agnieszka has advice on surviving the final days of the semester.

With yet another set of deadlines looming over our collective heads, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourselves. You stress, we all stress. Day in, day out we forget to sleep. We either eat too much, or nothing at all. Some of us break each time. It’s the never-ending cycle of assignment anxiety.

As difficult as it is, assignment success and taking frequent breaks to relax go hand-in-hand. Here are some simple, everyday ways you try and unwind this assignment season.


Food, Drinks and Treats

Fried potatoes

You ever have one of those days? Those where you just don’t feel like eating. Those where you’re so absorbed in your incoming deadlines, all you can do is pick at snacks. Then you get so sluggish no more work gets done.

It’s a pain, but one proper meal a day has the potential to make a difference in your general well-being. It doesn’t matter if you order it in, or make it (the cheaper option).


Fresh air

Girl walking through a wood carrying a backpack

If you find yourself stumped at what to do next, it’s easy to fall into a spiral of cluttered thoughts. Sometimes, all you have to do is turn the monitor off, shut the book, and give your head some freedom. A bit of fresh air could be exactly what you need to finish off that pesky essay.


Change of scene

Sometimes, you may find yourself unable to work at your desk, constantly getting distracted by the smallest of things. Usually, that means you need a change of scenery. Try going to The Hive, or one of many of the University’s study centres, where your progress is the top priority.

Laptop in a grassy field

And remember, help is available from firstpoint, Library Services, the Language Centre and the Writers in Residence.

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