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What does your Resource List mean to you?

21st June 2018

The student view


Our work placement student Bethan gives us her research findings:

What does your Resource List mean to you? This is the question I’ve spent the last two months trying answer. I’ve been investigating students’ use of the online Resource Lists. The Resource List is an indispensable service provided by Library Services and academic tutors and is essential to research conducted by students of the University. The current design and function of the Resource List is to compile recommended and essential reading for degree subjects and then separate those texts into categories determined by the tutor.


After searching and scouring and pleading with my fellow students on social media to answer my questionnaires and online polls I’ve come to a couple of conclusions:

The most prevalent issue for students seems to be the promptness of the Resource Lists going live. In response to an online questionnaire, a number of students voiced their concerns over the timing of the Resource List. They felt they did not have the resources promptly enough to begin research for their module.

This research was later completely contradicted in an online poll. 18% of students felt that the resource lists were promptly live and a whopping 82% don’t even notice when they even go live. Funnily enough, 0% felt that the Resource Lists were not promptly live

The one student I could pin down for an interview missed the seminar on how to navigate Blackboard during their first year, and has only recently been introduced to this feature. This did however highlight the importance of re-iterating the information regarding library services throughout a student’s degree.

Students are tricky creatures who are hard to pin down!


I have thoroughly enjoyed working at The Hive on this project. The staff are very friendly and welcoming, and if you are ever in a pinch the askalibrarian service is a godsend for the panicking student! I think it is important to note how difficult I’ve found getting student participation in this project. Library Services needs student feedback in order to improve services that only exist to aid the students studying at The University of Worcester. As a busy third year student this research has certainly changed how I engage with The Hive, and other students conducting research.

As for the Resource List… the feedback I received, convoluted and contradictory as it was, proved relatively insightful. I hope that it serves some benefit to Library Services and the students of The University of Worcester.  

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