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Tired eyes?

22nd November 2018

Cartoon of tired bloodshot eyes

Tired eyes?

Tools to help

Tools to help

Too much screen time? Font too small? Screen too white? If you’ve got study to do but you’re finding screen glare or tiny fonts a problem, here are some tools that can help:

There are loads of helpful plug-ins out there for whichever web browsers you use (this handy article compares browsers, if you’re interested). This article looks at Chrome, but we’ll take a look at other browsers shortly.

The Chrome Store offers 100s of extensions that will change the colours, sizes and help with text-to-speech.

There are a gazillion of these widgets out there, but here are a few that people have found useful in the past:


Change the font

Helperbird changes fonts to Open Dyslexic font, which many people find easier on the eye

Font Changer will change web pages to pretty much any font style, size or weighting.


Change the colours

Noverlay will turn the background of your screen blue, pink, red, or even a delicate shade of indigo. Great when there is just too much white on the screen.

High Contrast alters the font and background colours to whatever suits you best.


Read faster

Spreed may seem a little odd at first, but once you get used to it, it’s a lovely way of focusing on your reading.


Zoom in (or out)

Ctrl + or Ctrl – will zoom in or out on pretty much any web browser so you can see things in more detail or fit more stuff on the screen.



Read Aloud will, er, read aloud sections text on a web page.


There are literally 100s of these little widgets available for Chrome, so have a look in the Chrome store and try a few out to see which ones suit you best. All the ones listed above, and loads of others are free, so you have nothing to lose.

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