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Mirror, mirror

19th December 2019

Antique mirror with a broken frame

Mirror, mirror

A spooky tale

A spooky tale

One of our work placement students, Lizzie, has created this spooky story for you to enjoy. Sleep well!


It wasn’t a particularly sunny day, which is typical for the British summer. Melody Parker, dressed in a bright pink tutu and a pair of muddy wellies, sat impatiently on the bottom stair waiting for her mother.

“Ready sweetheart?” Melody’s mother called from the front door, Melody jumped up and rushed to the door. Walking to the shops, Melody kept catching glimpses of herself in the windows as they passed.  She twirled and danced, watching her tutu swish behind her as she walked down the street.

Then out of the corner of her eye she saw her reflection standing still and smiling, when she turned to the window it was back to normal. “Mummy, did you see that?” Melody asked, tugging on her mother’s shirt.

“See what sweetheart?”

“My reflection, it was smiling at me,” Melody’s mother looked at the window, glancing down at Melody’s reflection. It wasn’t smiling but looked normal.

“The reflection smiles because you smile, it copies you.” Her mother said calmly, before turning back to the street. Melody stuck her tongue out at the window and skipped after her mother.

Suddenly, Melody felt a strange tickle on the back of her neck, like someone was watching her; she turned around to see her reflection standing in the same shop window staring at her. ‘It’s just copying me,’ Melody thought.

The next day, Melody sat on a damp bench in the playground at her school. It had rained during the night leaving big muddy puddles; other children were running and playing while Melody sat by herself. She looked in a small puddle of water next to her and her reflection smiled again. But it wasn’t Melody’s normal smile; this smile was unnaturally wide and cartoonish. Melody let out a high pitched scream, kicking the puddle to break the reflection. Mrs. Booker, Melody’s teacher ran up to her, her bird like face was twisted into its usual scowl. “Melody, why did you scream like that? Are you hurt?” Tears streaming down her face, Melody looked up at her teacher.

“My reflection was smiling at me again.”

“What do you mean, it is a reflection it copies what you do,” Mrs. Brooker yelled.

“I wasn’t smiling,” Melody mumbled under her breath, Mrs. Brooker tutted and stomped away.

That night, Melody was curled up on her floor, sobbing into her mother’s lap. Her mother patted her daughter on the head in an attempt to soothe her.

“It happened again, mummy,” She whispered. Her mother just shushed her.

“What did?” Her mother asked.

“My reflection, it did it again,” Melody buried her head in her mother’s lap.

“It’s all in your head, sweetheart,” Melody shook her head and cried harder. Her mother pulled her daughter close to her and held her tightly. Whispering that it was going to be okay and it was just a nightmare unsure of what else to say.


Melody woke to the sound of tapping; it jolted her out of a deep sleep. Grabbing her torch from her bed side table, she shone it around her room, landing on her mirror.

Her reflection was sitting on the floor and smiling at her.

Melody jumped out of bed ready to scream for her mother but the reflection simply shook its head and held a finger to its lips. The scream dissolved in her throat.

“Please leave me alone,” Melody begged, tears streaming down her face.

“It will stop if you make a deal with me,” Melody’s reflection said in a sing-song voice. Melody sat on the floor of her room, staring into the mirror, watching as her reflection moved.

 “What deal?” Melody sobbed, “I just want you to leave me alone,”

“Make a deal with me,” it sang again. The reflection smiled and spun, “Just got to shake my hand,” The reflection stuck out its hand towards Melody.

Melody reached up and grabbed the reflections hand, shaking it. Melody’s eye began to feel heavy and everything went dark. When she woke, she saw the reflection climbing into her bed as her mother entered the room. She could just about hear her mother say “Are you alright sweetheart?” The reflection nodded, smiling sweetly as Melody’s mother left.

“What are you doing?” She screamed but no sound came out of her mouth. The reflection winked, holding a finger to its lips and tucked itself under the duvet, listening to Melody scream and bang on the glass.

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