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Third years: we can help

21st January 2020

Computer keyboard button, labelled help

Third years: we can help

Because aaaaargh!

Because aaaaargh!

We know it’s stressful!

Library Services has helped thousands of students through this, and we can help you too.


Don’t know where to start?

Get someone to one help with finding information in your subject. Contact your Academic Liaison Librarian for advice. You can find their details right here.

Move beyond your Resource Lists

All reading and resource lists should now be online at Resource Lists. These link straight through to ebooks and journals, and tell you where in the library to find the print books you need. Thing is, third years are usually expected to read waaay beyond the Resource List. The good news? We can help with that too. Our Subject Guides give you lots of resources for each subject area, from subject-specific databases, professional bodies, great quality websites and historic documents. And our Study Skills pages tell you all about referencing, plagiarism and finding good quality information for your assignments.

Books or journals that we don’t have? We’ll get them!

Just use our interlibrary request service. You get 25 requests as a final year student, all for free. Articles are usually delivered by email, and we can get print books sent straight the The Hive.

Need more study space?

You can book a nook, table of whole room in The Hive, see here for details. And our friends in ICT will show you which computers are available on this page.

And finally…offload your old books!

Don’t want to take your old books home? Glad to see the back of them? Give them to us and we’ll add them to next year’s Great Hive Book Rescue! In aid of charity, other students are able to buy and use your old books. Look out for details near the end of semester 2.

Anything else we can do for you? 

Send us an email, get on Live Chat or fire off a tweet. We’re here to help!

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