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Assignments from home?

23rd March 2020

Girl sitting at a kitchen table studying on a laptop

Assignments from home?

What's available and where?

What's available and where?

Found yourself completing your assignment from your kitchen? Times are changing and good online resources for your studies are needed now more than ever. Here is some advice on places to look:

***Please note: many publishers are responding to the current situation by making content available for free, which is great. We’re working on making this available to you. Watch this space***


Let’s start with the obvious stuff: the vast majority of modules have resource lists; a great place to get started. Then, when you are ready to branch out Library Search will help you find ebooks and articles. You can select the articles tab or the ebooks tab to restrict your search to online content. Nearly all our journals are online, and we have nearly as many ebooks as print books, so there’s hope!

Library Search tabs bar with Articles and Ebooks tabs highlighted

There also an array of online resources beyond just books and articles on our Subject Guides. Check them out, you might discover a gem.


If you find Google Scholar overwhelming, Core is a little more manageable. It pulls together open access research from all over the world and saves you going down a load of dead ends.

Core: the world's largest collection of open access research papers, with search box


You can also use OA Button or Unpaywall to find copies of articles we don’t have. You can look for specific papers or add their extensions to Chrome to check for full text content at the click of a button.

OA Button: avoid paywalls, request research: free legal research articles delivered instantly or automatically requested from authors, with search boxunpaywall: An open database of 25,672,849 free scholarly articles.


We have nearly 300,000 ebooks at Worcester, but beyond that online books can be tricky: Google Books or Amazon only really offer excerpts. The Directory of Open Access Books is worth a look.  If you are looking for a recent researcher, you might find conference papers online or videos of their talks on YouTube.

Then there’s Google Scholar, an attempt to bring order the chaos of the internet by linking just to publishers and academic websites. Google Scholar has its uses- you will find some good content there, but it can feel a little overwhelming. The internet is Quite Big. If you are on EduRoam Google Scholar will link you to quite a lot of full text articles as it recognises your UW credentials. And if there’s no full text on offer, copy and paste the article title into Library Search or Core.

And finally, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Email the author- their address may well be available on ResearchGate or Academia.Edu.

Any questions: or LiveChat.



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