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Resource list rollover 2020

27th April 2020

Calendar for May 2020 with Monday 11th highlighted

Resource list rollover 2020

Information for staff

Information for staff


Resource Lists (Talis Aspire) have successfully rolled over for the 2020/21 academic year.  Please note and act upon the following important information which will ensure that your students have timely access next semester. This is particularly important given the likely ongoing impact and response to the Covid-19 crisis.


During the last few months, we have seen and heard that access to our extensive online library resources is more important and appreciated than ever by our students. At present we are unsure when we will be able to restart ordering print books, and want to ensure we are supporting all students, including those engaged in online or blended learning, at the start of next semester. We therefore strongly recommend that you focus on adding online resources rather than hardcopy where possible to your lists until we advise otherwise. Your Academic Liaison Librarian can advise or help you source suitable materials.


This year we are offering to bulk publish lists for your course or modules you teach on. Please email us with the relevant module codes and we will do the rest. You will still be able to edit and add new items after lists have been published, but please do not change any recommended for purchase or essential texts.


Key Dates

Now - 10th May 

  • Library Services will publish any outstanding 19/20 Resource Lists on your behalf

11th May until notified

  • Rollover- Do not edit or make changes to your lists during this time

Mid May - 1st August         

  • Log in, check and edit your 20/21 lists
  • Request review and publish Semester 1 lists
  • Update Resource List urls in your module guides or handbooks

At any time between now - 1st August

  • Ask Library Services to publish lists for your course or modules you teach on. Just email the module codes to your liaison librarian directly or via


What do I do after rollover?

·       Log in to and search for your draft lists.

  • Add your 2020/21 module lists to My Lists. (We recommend removing your 2019/20 lists from My Lists when the current academic year is complete).
  • Edit your 2020/21 list and make any needed changes.
  • Request Review so we can order your required books.
  • Publish to make the list visible to students OR ask Library Services to publish lists for your course/modules you teach on by emailing module codes to your liaison librarian or

These actions should be taken by 1 August for semester 1 so new items can be ordered in time.


Teaching new or different modules?

  • If you need to change the named owner of the list and are unsure how to do this your Academic Liaison Librarian can help.
  • If the module lead for 2020/21 is not known at the end of this academic year, then the outgoing module tutor or course leader should take responsibility for publishing the rolled over Resource List. The incoming tutor should not change the Recommended for student purchase text, or remove Essential Reading. They can add Essential and Further Reading and otherwise shape the list structure to suit their teaching.
  • Teaching a brand new module with no list on the system? You’ll need to create one. Not sure how? These quick video tutorials will help.


Updating your Module Guide and Blackboard


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