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Preparing for university

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Critical thinking

Less than 500 words

What is critical thinking?

Critical thinking is an essential part of study at university.  It's no longer enough to just have an opinion about a subject, it's necessary to think more deeply about it.  This requires asking yourself and finding answers to the following questions

  • What am I thinking about? – Subject
  • What do I know/feel about it? – Opinion
  • Why do I feel that way? – Evidence
  • What do others think? – Rebuttal/support
  • Do I still feel the same way? – Synthesis/Conclusion/Evaluation


How do I apply critical thinking?

This short presentation offers an example of how critical thinking can be applied to a question.



Are there any more tips?

More questions to ask yourself can be found on this excellent poster from Global Citizen.


Useful resources

The following texts are all useful for finding out more about critical thinking: what it is, why it's important to your studies and how to do it.  They also provide activities for you to improve your skills. 

All three titles are available at the Hive and there may also be copies in other Worcestershire County libraries.  Clicking on the title or book cover will take you to the record in the library catalogue.