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Evaluating websites

Less than 500 words

Read through this short presentation to learn how to evaluate websites effectively, then try the exercise below.



Spotting fake news

Increasingly more and more people are getting their news from the internet instead of from newspapers or the television.  Remember, anyone can create or worse, hack into, websites.  Follow these tips to help you spot made up news items.  Also read our critical thinking guide to help you decide what kind of questions you should be asking of the information you research.





Answer the questions in bold after visiting the websites associated with them.  On the basis of the presentation you've seen, remember to bear the following criteria in mind:

Currency      Relevance      Authority      Purpose      Ease of use      Neutrality

Some or all may be relevant to your question.


1. You plan to write about the history of UK political parties.  What is your evaluation of these sites?    

2. Which is better for finding support for people with eating disorders? OR

3. Which would you recommend to a family thinking of relocating to Worcester?