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Preparing for university

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Preparing for university

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Whether you’ve attended a research skills session at The Hive or this is your first time to our preparing for university pages, you’ll find lots of useful tips and advice on how to make the transition to university and higher education.

Studying at this level is different to being at school or college as you'll be required to be much more self-sufficient in finding and evaluating information for yourselves before including it in your work.

The purpose of university libraries and their staff is to help students to become both competent and confident in becoming independent learners.  These pages will help you to produce the best work that you can.

A general guide to learning at university can be found here (pdf).  The University of Worcester's study skills pages will give you more information on various aspects of academic study.



What are they, and what are they used for?

Searching for resources

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Using the library, both online and physical.

Evaluating websites

Is this website true?  Why should I use it?


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Why is it so important? How do I do it?

Critical thinking

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Putting your brain in gear to study

Academic writing

How to avoid being too chatty, descriptive or vague in your written work.

The case for independent learning

Does earning $75,000 just from reading journal articles sound too good to be true?


You're likely to come across these words when studying at university.

Getting started at The University of Worcester

So by reading through our Preparing for University pages you’ve now got a better idea of what’s expected of you when you arrive at university.  For those of you who have chosen to make University of Worcester your home for the next few years you’re probably wondering

Follow the links to learn more about finding your way around the virtual and physical library at the University of Worcester.