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Where to find resources

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Finding books, print journals and media

The library catalogue is your starting point for locating resources within the Hive and other public libraries in Worcestershire.  Search to find books, print journals, CDs and DVDs. 

When you find something you're interested in be sure to click the Check Availability link to find out where it is, whether it's already on loan and when it's due back.


Finding online journal articles

Journals cost universities hundreds of thousands of pounds a year to subscribe to, therefore they are not usually freely available on the internet.  They are usually found on password protected databases.  The University of Worcester makes over 45,000 journals available to the public.  The only condition of using our research databases is that they can only be accessed from The Hive.

Take a look at this short video about databases; what they do and how they work.


Finding subject specific resources

You may wish to search for items within your area of study only.  This can be useful because looking for a needle in a haystack can be difficult at the best of times; so reducing the size of the haystack can be a great help.  Go to our subject guides page to find links to useful subject specific resources.  Some of these resources are for University of Worcester students only, however there are some useful links and websites that are accessible to all.