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Eresource access issues

This page lists any access issues we may be experiencing.  If you are having difficulties accessing an eresource, please see our troubleshooting information and report a problem.

Current issues

Current incidents


18th October - Science Direct Journals

There is a problem with accessing Science Direct Journals from the A-Z journals listing and the database link on Library Search. This is being investigated but in the meantime access is available direct via the Science Direct website . Updates to follow.


Ongoing - Downloading ebooks

Our academic ebook providers are increasingly moving away from PDF to the EPUB format, meaning that as well as the standard Adobe Reader software you will also need an EPUB reader to download some of our ebooks.

One such reader is Bluefire. It works on Windows, iOS and Android operating systems and is free to download. You can download Bluefire on your own devices here or from iTunes or Google Play.

We’re also working with ICT to have Bluefire included as part of the standard University PC image.


Ongoing - ACLS Humanities Ebooks

UPDATE: 21 September - This issue will be resolved once new software is in place. The work around is to click the link to browse the ACLS Humanities E-Book database from the Databases tab in Library Search and search for the ebook from there, rather than searching via the Ebooks tab in Library Search or a reading list.

There is currently a problem with accessing ebooks via ACLS Humanities. The issue is being investigated. Updates to follow.


Ongoing - Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

The provider is aware that a small number of users are trying to access BoB using Internet Explorer 10, and some other outdated unsupported browsers, which may appear to work at first, but will invariably interrupt playback of BoB content after 9 seconds. 

The provider recommends the following browsers for BoB: 

            • Internet Explorer 11 (or later)

            • Edge 12 (or later)

            • Mozilla Firefox 44 (or later)

            • Safari 8 (or later)

            • Google Chrome 48 (or later)


Ongoing - EBook Central - "Multiple page requests" error

UPDATE: 28 September - The provider also advises to clear the browser cache.

If you encounter this error when trying to access an ebook from Ebook Central, try disabling your Mendeley browser extension and/or Norton Security Toolbar if you have these extensions in your browser.


Ongoing - logging on to Cite Them Right

UPDATE: 13 September - Cite Them Right is now available but please note it is still currently not possible to login to Cite Them Right by using the login button on their website. Please login via the following link instead:

UPDATE: 14 August - Cite Them Right is currently not available at all. This is being investigated urgently. Updates to follow.

It is currently not possible to login to Cite Them Right by using the login button on their website. Please login via the following link instead:


Ongoing - Lexis Library

If you find a problem with opening books on the bookshelf in Lexis Library, try this fix:

1 Remove the affected book by clicking the X to the right of the title.

2 Click Edit source list to see the list of books available.

3 Find within the tabs in the left pane as to what type of book e.g. Commentary, look in the list for the one that you just removed, put a tick alongside it once you have found the exact title, save.

The book should then function again.


Ongoing - off campus access to Oxford journals

UPDATE: Access is now available on and off campus, however we are still experiencing issues with Library Search links. If you are unable to access an article or journal from Library Search results, please go to the Oxford Journals platform and repeat your search.

We are currently experiencing off campus access issues with the Oxford journals platform.  There is also an ongoing issue with an intermittent access problem to Oxford Journals where a message stating that the site requires cookies to be enabled appears. This issue is intermittent, and affects https URLs only.  Http URLs to Oxford are unaffected.