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Research Collections

Access and use

Access and use

Access and use


The Collections are available to view by appointment only, please contact Research Collections to book your visit.

Dependent on staff availability, appointments can usually be made during the following times:

Monday - Thursday  9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 4pm

Guidelines for using the Collections

Please help us to preserve the Research Collections by following a few simple steps...

  • When removing a book from the shelf grip the Centre of the spine. (Gripping the top of the spine can cause damage.)
  • Please use only pencils while working with in Research Collections. (Pens, markers and ink can cause permanent markings to items.)
  • Please use the study tables to consult the books. (This reduces the risk of dropping or damageing the item.)
  • Please use a book support for large and heavy books. (This helps prevent damage to the book structure.)
  • In a glove zone, (photographs and archives) please use the gloves provided to handle items. (Wearing gloves to handle material helps prevent natural oils from your hands inadvertently causing damage)


Photography is permitted at the discretion of the staff for the purposes of private study and research and only under the following conditions:

  • You must read and sign a copyright declaration form.
  • You must NOT use flash photography.
  • Items to be photographed must be handled with due care, using foam supports and weights as necessary, and avoiding any unnecessary stress to the item such as bending book spines or removing file fastenings.
  • Photography can be carried out only in the area designated by the Research Team.
  • Photography can only be carried out on condition that it does not disturb other readers. In circumstances where this is likely to be the case i.e. when the Research Collections Area is particularly busy, readers may have to make an appointment to photograph items at another time.
  • You may only take 50 images in total, providing copyright is not breached. If you require more than this, you must seek prior permission from the Research and Development Librarian as this requires special authorisation. 

Please note that these conditions do not authorise the publication of photographs in any format. Please ask a member of staff if you wish to publish images.

These conditions apply to photography only they do NOT cover the use of scanners. If you wish to scan material please ask a member of staff. 

Commercial use

None of the material on this website or in the Research Collections is available for commercial use without prior written consent.  Please contact Research Collections with brief details of the material you wish to use and the purpose for which you wish to use it.