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Basketball Heritage

The Basketball Heritage Collection at the University of Worcester was initiated, in 2015, with deposits from John Atkinson and Jenny Collins

These webpages give a brief flavour of the extent and richness of the material available, and will be added to as we catalogue and further develop the collection. If you wish to find out more about the collection contact us on

collection overview

Overview and Background

The Basketball Heritage Archive contains a vast range of material covering the sport in the USA, Europe and the UK, as well as material relating to the Olympics. The collection covers topics such as youth basketball and education, women’s basketball, sponsorship, and the media. Focusing on youth tournaments and physical education, the Archive can be used to chart the development of youth basketball, including incentives created to attract more young people to the game. The Archive also holds information about international competitions and the creation of Team GB.

Particular strengths of the archive are its coverage of English Basketball, from the Under 14 to Senior Leagues, from the 1960s onwards and documentation relating to the development of statistical notations used in the sport. The collection holds many detailed statistic sheets and court notations relating to games played throughout the 1960s onwards.

Types of material in the collection is varied and includes: magazines; newsletters; newspaper clippings; match and tournament programmes; match statistics; yearbooks; rule books and coaching manuals, as well as a small number of books.

Photo: ECL play-off Game 1971-72 - Sheffield Scorpions vs Liverpool Police
Photo Credit: Morris Wordsworth

Contributors to the Archive

The Archive has it's foundation in a significant deposit, made in 2015 by John Atkinson, comprising a wealth of statistical data alongside yearbooks, match programmes, magazines and other memorabilia. The collection has since grown though other generous deposits, both large and small. The Archive is grateful to all those who have enriched the collections, including:

Founding Contributors

  • John Atkinson
  • Jenny Collins

Corporate Contributors

  • Basketball England
  • GB Basketball

Individual Contributors

  • Mansoor Ahmed
  • Vic Ambler
  • John Collins
  • Stef Collins
  • Rob Dougdale
  • Mark Dunning
  • Henry Mooney


  • Tony Garbelotto
  • Sam Neter
  • Joe Prunty
  • Bernie Roy
  • Jamie Smith
  • Mark Woods
  • Roger Yapp
Magazine cover

Match Programmes

The collection of match programmes in the archive covers domestic and International matches at both Junior and Senior levels, the earliest examples dating from the beginning of the 1960s.  Currently (June 2019) there over 1,200 programmes in the collection, comprising:

  • National League matches
  • Championship Finals
  • Other Tournaments and Leagues
  • Club Internationals
  • Senior Internationals
  • Schools, Junior & HE matches, both domestic and international
  • Miscellaneous matches


There are a range of yearbooks, handbooks and guides contained within the collection covering the UK, Europe and the USA.

Some of the principal UK titles in the collection are listed below.


  • ABBA / EBBA Handbook (Yearbook / Directory)  1959 - 1994
  • EBBA / EB English Basketball Leagues Handbooks  1961 - 2010
  • BL / BBL Handbook  1993 - 2002
  • ESBBA English Schools Basketball Association Handbook  1961 - 2006        

More detailed information is available in pdf format.


There is a growing collection of basketball magazines, covering the UK, Europe and the USA, including some fanzines.

Currently around 60 English Language titles are held in the collection, including:

  • Basketball / Basketball Monthly (1960 - 1989)
  • Pawprint (1976 - 1992)
  • Slam Dunk (1994 - 1998)   
  • Zone Press - EBBA (1990 - 2003)

More detailed information is available in PDF format.

The Archive also holds a small number of foreign language titles, mainly Spanish and French.

Newspaper Clippings

The collection contains an extensive range of newspaper clippings relating to local and international basketball. Though the majority of the clippings are English language there are some, relating to international basketball and the Olympics, that are foreign language. Some of these clippings chart the progress of certain local teams throughout various basketball seasons. They cover many topics, such as youth and education, women’s basketball, sponsorship and commercialism in sport, and the Olympics.


The collection holds extensive documentation around the development of notations and statistical reporting systems by John Atkinson, Roger Yapp and others.

These often relate directly to statistic sheets and can be used to chart the progress of a team through a season or the development of notation reporting itself.





As well as statistic sheets, programmes and yearbooks, the collection contains a range of basketball memorabilia. This includes medals and trophies, items of clothing, photographs of games and stadiums, pennants and posters. The collection contains both international and national memorabilia.



The collection contains statistic sheets for hundreds of League, Cup and International matches, both youth and senior leagues. The statistic sheets go back as far as the early 1960s through to the late 1990s/early 2000s.

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