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Early Printed Books

On loan from Worcester City Library, this collection of antiquarian books dates from the late 17th to the late 19th century, and covers chiefly history, both ancient and modern, local and international; and contemporary social commentary.

One of the earliest publications found so far is a copy of The Florentine History in VIII Books by Nicholas Machiavel, printed in London in 1674.  The latest publication in the collection dates to 1897.  Some of the later works are reprints of earlier publications.

Among the collection are:

  • Samson Agonistes, by John Milton, published in London in 1688; and Paradise Lost by the same author, published in 1695
  • A complete set of Boswell’s Life of Johnson, 1791; and an edition of Johnson’s Dictionary, 1824
  • Histories of France (1805, 1824 etc); the French Revolution, (1792, 1794 and 1800); and the Battle of Waterloo, (1836)
  • The Antiquities of India and History of Hindostan by Thomas Maurice, 1794; and numerous other histories of the Saracens and Hindoo/Hindu nations (1790s)
  • Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi, edited by ‘Boz’ [Charles Dickens], 1839
  • Five volumes of Oxberry’s Dramatic Biography & Histrionic Anecdotes, 1825-27
  • Reprints of the 18th century diaries of Madame D’Arblay (alias Fanny Burney), 1842
  • The History of the Revolutions in Spain, 1724; and a history of the American Revolution, 1781

In addition to various publications about the history and exploration of India, Persia and southern Asia, there are works relating to Africa, France and the French Revolution, and the rest of the Mediterranean world.