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Worcester Research and Publications

University of Worcester's Institutional Repository.


What is WRaP?

WRaP enables the University to maintain a record of the research outputs of staff and other researchers, past and present, and provides a discovery tool whereby this research is available to wider community.

In order to maximize exposure of work carried out at the University the full text, or equivalent, of the items in WRaP are included in the record wherever copyright permits. As such WRaP underpins the University's commitment to Green Open Access.

Since its inauguration in 2007 there have been over 500,000 downloads from the repository.

If you have any questions about WRaP, please see the FAQs or contact the WRaP team

If you have a complaint about any item in WRaP please refer to our Notice and Takedown Policy

How do I deposit in WRaP?

It is the policy of the University of Worcester that a copy of all research outputs since 2008 should be deposited in WRaP. Research published from 2000 onwards can also be deposited.

WRaP can be accessed at or via the UW Staff Homepage and following the WRaP link. Staff can then logon to the system using their university username & password.

Depositing items is a simple procedure and a guide the process is available to download.

Any member of staff who would like an introduction to WRaP or help with any aspect of the depositing process should the Research Team on, who will be happy to help.


Usage statistics

Statistics for WRaP are available via IRUS-UK and IR-Stats.

IRUS-UK:  statistics across 118 UK repositories, and provides data on downloads at the item and institutional levels.

WRaP is a participating repository in IRUS-UK, a JISC funded initative which facilitates the compilation of standardised statistics on downloads of the material held in institutional repositories.  This allows institutions to both monitor the number of times any deposited item is downloaded, and compare their total figures with those of other participating institutions.

A guide to using IRUS-UK is available for download (pdf)

IR-Stats: IR-Stats is a statistical reporting tool that is designed to work on EPrints repositories such as WRaP.

The data can be filtered with a much greater degree of granularity using IR-Stats but the statistics generated are not COUNTER compliant and hence not directly comparable with the IRUS-UK figures.

A guide to using IR-Sats is available to download (pdf) .


A summary of the main differences between IRUS-UK and IR-Stats
  IRUS-UK IR-Stats
Date Coverage

August 2013 – Present ¥

Starts from the point the
University joined the service

March 2007 – Present

Starts from the date of the
first item entered in WRaP

Filter by:    
  ~ Author No Yes
  ~  Institute No Yes
   ~ Time period by month by day
   ~ Repository yes n/a

Cumulated data for
all an author's items

no yes
COUNTER complient yes no
¥  Date will be different for each repository in IRUS.


Most popular Items for January 2020

Most popular item overall:
King-Hill, Sophie (2015) Critical Analysis of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need. The STeP (Student Teacher Perspectives) Journal, 2 (4). pp. 54-57.

Most popular journal article:
King-Hill, Sophie (2015) Critical Analysis of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need. The STeP (Student Teacher Perspectives) Journal, 2 (4). pp. 54-57.

Most popular conference paper:
Dart, Gareth and Anderson, D.P. (2004) A diagnostic test to help junior secondary teachers plan differentiated reading instruction. In: 22nd Annual Conference of the Association for Educational Assessment in Africa, 13-17 September 2004, Gaborone Botswana.

Most popular book or book section:
Whitehouse, Kerry (2014) Teaching for Promoting Positive Behaviour. In: A Practical Guide to Teaching Physical Education in the Secondary School (Second Edition). Routledge, London, pp. 164-177. ISBN 9781138138711 eBook: 9780203066799

Most Popular Thesis:
Symons, John C. (2003) The Mining and Smelting of Copper in England and Wales, 1760-1820. Masters thesis, Coventry University in collaboration with University College Worcester.

2015 - 2016 : 2014 - 2015

2014 - 2015


For further information on WRaP and Open Access Publishing please contact the Research Team on

The team comprises:

Roger Fairman
Research Librarian & Repository Manager

Karen Veitch
Open Access Support Officer

Janet Davidson
Research Cataloguer

Tanya Buchanan
Digital Assets Officer

Academic Liaison Librarians