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Reffie's Guide to Managing Your Time, by Gemma Boniface

by Madalene George on 2017-01-10T12:44:00+00:00 | Comments

Organizing your time in order to meet deadlines can be a challenge in itself, especially if you have multiple assignments due. Making a schedule can be an invaluable tool.

When Reffie isn’t tweeting or attending events at The Hive, he likes to spend his spare time watching the bustle of students come and go. By observing students, Reffie has learnt some great methods for keeping on top of your work.


●Make a list of targets you want to achieve. You can set daily or weekly goals, which helps you get tasks done, and then move onto the next one.


●Make checklists. It’s a satisfying feeling ticking tasks off once you’ve done them, and that helps keep you motivated.


Tip from Reffie! - Reward yourself! Buy yourself some chocolates and eat one every time you achieve a goal. Helps keep you motivated. Worked for me!


●Make a timetable - planning specific time slots when you’re going to work on tasks helps keep you focused on one at a time.


Reffie has found a lot of useful tools to help you keep a schedule. His favourite is good old fashioned paper and colourful pens. You can find diaries and week planners in almost every stationary shop, and you can refer to them even when you’ve got no battery or wifi.


You can use digital tools, such as your laptop or phone’s built in calendar. You can edit these easily and often sync across devices.


Apps can also be extremely helpful and convenient to use on your phone. Here’s a few of Reffie’s favourites:


Timetable (Free on Android). A straightforward app that does what it says on the tin - make a easy, simple timetable!


My Study Life (Free on Android, IOS). This app takes it a bit further - you can make a timetable, enter in your class times and send yourself reminders. You can also put in all your exams/deadlines and they’ll never creep up on you again.


Alarmy: Sleep If You Can (Free on Android, IOS). Struggle to get up in the morning? Reffie sure does. This app solves that problem. To turn the alarm off you have to complete small tasks (such as shaking your phone a certain amount of times, or taking a photo of a specific object). This helps wake you up and you’ll be ready to go!

By Gemma Boniface

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