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The Essentials tab provides links to all of the online and subscription resources to get you started with your legal research.  The other tabs provide links to plenty of other resources that will help you turn good research into great research.



Useful websites


Other Databases

   Keep up-to-date with legal news via TV and Radio as well as parliamentary papers.

Newspapers & Magazines

The best way to keep abreast of law developments in plain English.  The Times produces its own law report every Thursday.


Our ebook providers are increasingly moving away from PDF format to EPUB. This means you need an EPUB reader to download them. Please read this FAQ for more information, and contact the Library if you have any queries. 

When you look a book up on Library Search or your module resource list, the record will show you a number which tells you where you'll find that book in the library. You might have noticed that other books on the same topic can be found at the same number, or "shelfmark". If you want to browse the library shelves for helpful books for your studies, the list below gives you some ideas about where to look:

170 Ethics (Moral philosophy)

172 Political ethics

174 Economic and professional ethics

      174.3 of legal profession

320 Political Science

321 Political systems

323 Civil and political rights

328 The legislative process

328.1 Parliamentary law

340 - Law

341 Law of nations

341.2422 E.U. Law

342 Constitutional and administrative law

342.73 United States constitutional law [see 973.3 for United States history - revolution and confederation, 1775-1789]

343 Military, defence, public property, public finance, tax, commerce, industrial law

344 Labour, social service, education, cultural law

344.4101/344.4201 Employment law

345 Criminal law

346 Private law

346.4102/346.4202 Contract law

346.4203 Tort

346.42032 Negligence

346.42043 Land law

347 Procedure and courts/Legal method

 347.42 English legal system

348 Laws, regulations, cases

349 Law of specific jurisdictions, areas, socioeconomic regions

You may also wish to look at 364 - Criminology. For a full list of useful Criminology shelf marks please see the Criminology Subject Guide.