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Criminology and Applied Criminology



Library Services subscribes to to a wide range of databases and resources. You can find all of them in our A-Z database list, but listed here are some you might find particularly useful.

Law-specific databases

If you'd like more detailed information on Law, see the Law subject guide.


Referencing information, study skills, and tips on avoiding plagiarism can be found here. 


Below are links to key Criminology journals you may find helpful. Don't forget you can browse our journals A-Z by clicking here. Also check out the Criminal Justice Journals collection in Hein Online (via the databases A-Z) as these are not included in Library Search. Remember that journals are the overall publication; the pieces within them are articles. If you use Library Search's journals tab, you will be searching for journal titles. If you want to search for articles on specific topic, use the "articles" tab.


Our ebook providers are increasingly moving away from PDF format to EPUB. This means you need an EPUB reader to download them. Please read this FAQ for more information, and contact the Library if you have any queries. 

Charities and campaign groups


Other useful websites

Research Organisations


Grey literature

'Grey literature' describes research published in non-conventional places not indexed by the major databases. This could include material such as government reports and conference papers.

Sources of grey literature include:

Library subscriptions

Other links

Please note these links to newspaper websites rather than university subscriptions. You might need to sign up, or be limited to a certain number of articles per week or month. Some key prison newspapers are also included.


Critical appraisal

When you have found some information for your assignments you will need to read, evaluate, and critically analyse them. Below are some links which may be helpful. 


When you look a book up on Library Search or your module resource list, the record will show you a number which tells you where you'll find that book in the library. You might have noticed that other books on the same topic can be found at the same number, or "shelfmark". If you want to browse the library shelves for helpful books for your studies, the list below gives you some ideas about where to look. 

Social Sciences - 300

300.72 Social science research methods

300.723 Qualitative research methods

Law - 340 - you can find more on the Law subject guide.

340.115 Law and society

345.41 Criminal law

347.41 English legal system

Social problems and social services - 360

362 Social welfare problems and welfare

362.88 Victims of crime

364 Criminology

364.1 Criminal offences

364.2 Causes of crime

364.3 Offenders

364.4 Prevention of crime

364.6 Penology

364.63 Probation

364.8 Discharged offenders

364.9 Historic and geographical treatments, biography of crime and its alleviation

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