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Business, Management and Finance

Learning how to make the most of Library resources, such as books, journals and databases, as early as possible in your studies can help give you a real head start. Use the tabs below to find out about Library resources and the help that's available. If you have a question please contact your college librarians; you can see our availability in the contact boxes on the left of this page. You can also drop in to the askalibrarian desk on Level 3 in The Hive or email


Recommended library databases

'Library Search' - the Library cross-searching tool - is normally the best place to start looking for quality research, particularly for books and journal articles. See this video on getting started with Library Search. However, because of the nature of their content, some essential business, management and finance databases are not included in 'Library Search' and for these you'll need to search them directly. It can also be worth going directly to specific journal databases when you want to do more advanced, targeted searching to maximise your search results.

Listed below are some of the favourite databases chosen by students studying business, management and finance subjects. You will need your student ID and password to access these. See the Library Services YouTube channel for videos on getting started with some of these databases.

Looking for information on how to reference? See our Referencing Page and the Cite Them Right Online tool. 

Legal Databases

Some top academic journals

Listed below is a small selection of some of the top ranking, peer reviewed journals in your subject areas that the University subscribes to. These are listed in the Association of Business Schools’ Academic Journal Guide 2015 which assesses the quality of over 1000 business and management publications worldwide, based on citation scores and the judgements of leading researchers. Just click on the journal title below and then select the 'Journal' link to get access.

(Note: For access to all our journal titles click here)


Accounting Review

Accounting, Organizations & Society

Journal of Accounting & Economics


American Economic Review

Journal of Political Economy

Review of Economic Studies

Economic Journal


Entrepreneurship, Theory & Practice

Journal of Business Venturing

Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

Entrepreneurship & Regional Development


Journal of Finance

Journal of Financial Economics

Review of Financial Studies

Journal of Corporate Finance

General Management, Ethics & Social Responsibility

Academy of Management Journal

Academy of Management Review

Administrative Science Quarterly

Journal of Management

Human Resources

British Journal of Industrial Relations

Human Resource Management

Industrial Relations

Work, Employment & Society


Journal of Product Innovation Management

Research Policy

International Business

Journal of International Business Studies

Asia Pacific Journal of Management

World Business

International Business Review

Marketing & Advertising

Journal of Consumer Psychology

Journal of Consumer Research

Journal of Marketing 

Journal of Marketing Research 

Journal of Advertising

Journal of Advertising Research

Operations & Technology Management

International Journal of Operations & Production Management

Production & Operations Management

Journal of Supply Chain Management

Organisation Studies

Human Relations

Leadership Quarterly

Organization Studies

Organisational Psychology

Journal of Applied Psychology

Journal of Occupational & Organizational Psychology

Journal of Occupational Health Psychology

Journal of Organizational Behavior

Public Sector & Health Care

Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory

Public Administration Review


Strategic Management Journal

Global Strategy Journal





Finding company information

Finding information on companies is often an important part of research for business and management.  It can also be a vital part of your preparation when applying for jobs or planning for a job interview. When choosing a company or industry to research for your assignment, here's a few things to consider:

Tip 1: FAME is the database to go to for company financial accounts for UK private companies with a turnover of over £6 million. Remember that some companies may not be trading as separate entities, but may be part of a larger group. If it is part of a group it may not publish individual accounts.

Tip 2: When choosing a company to base your assignment on check whether the Library provide access to an independent company report either from Marketline (through Business Source Complete) or Euromonitor reports on the Euromonitor Passport database. These sorts of reports will help you gain an unbiased view of the company. 

Tip 3: If you are researching for a company outside the UK make sure that there is sufficient information and data available through the Library resources.

Tip 4: If you do use a company report that is written by the company, remember that they will be trying to present their company in the best light. So try and also find an independent company report so that you can get a more balanced viewpoint.

Library databases for company information:

Some free websites for company information:

Market research

High quality market research is rarely freely available on the internet. Mintel market reports for example normally cost between £1000 and £2000 per report. This is why it's so important for you to make the most of the Library databases that the University subscribe to so you can access the information you need. Furthermore, these databases are used throughout the industry by marketing professionals, so learning to use these databases can give you a head start when you apply for jobs.

Finding business case studies

Case studies are often used in business courses to illustrate management problems. They are usually written by academic institutions or professional bodies and intended to be used as teaching material. Some case studies are based on real companies; some are entirely fictitious and designed to illustrate a particular situation. 

Library databases for business case studies:

Library Services provide a number of databases that include case studies. When searching them try adding the phrase "case studies" or "case method" in your search. The search may also pick up articles discussing the use of case studies, so you should also look for a document type filter if available. 

Some free and fee-paying providers

If you cannot find a case study in the Library Services resources, check these sites, but note that not all the cases will be free, may require an account or you may have to contact the publishers directly.

Statistics for business

The data resources listed on this page are freely available to members of the University of Worcester, with many being freely available on the web.  

UK data sources

International data sources

Business organisations - a selection