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Helping students in Worcester study healthier, happier, smarter

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Little Book of Happiness Campaign

Happiness can come from a variety of sources and often it is the smallest things that can brighten the day

We'll be inviting students from across Worcester to share what brings them happiness in an attempt to create our own Little Book of Happiness

Monday 24 April- Friday 19 May

Across all sites

Open to all 


Meditation in Movement

At this workshop you will participate in some exercises that quickly release the physical and mental tensions that are caused by stress.  The exercises will culminate in a very effective meditation.  Provided you are able to stand-up, lie-down, and move your arms, legs, and spine, you should be able to participate without any problems.

Thursday 27 April


Peirson G009, 

St Johns Campus

Open to all

Healthier, happier, smarter