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If you're having difficulties accessing an online resource, please follow the steps below before reporting an issue.

  1. Log in to SOLE and check that you have completed registration.

  2. Use only the first part of your university email address as your user name (everything before @).  Please test this by logging in at this link

  3. Are you a University registered student or member of staff?  If not, please check if the eresource you are trying to access is listed on your borrowing and access page.

  4. Are you being prompted to pay for an article?  Please check the coverage dates for the journal in A-Z journals.  If we don’t subscribe to the issue you require, you may wish to request it from Inter-Library Requests.  If the coverage dates say we should have access, please complete the eresource access issues form.

  5. Does your browser meet the system requirements?

    - JavaScript enabled
    - Cookies enabled and cleared
    - Cache cleared
    - Pop-up windows enabled

  6. Have you tried using a different browser?  Try Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.


If you still cannot access the resource, please complete the eresource access issues form.