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2023 Psychology subject guide



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Psychological tests are tools that allow researchers to measure a particular variable (e.g. memory, intelligence, personality).

Some tests may require you to be professionally trained and accredited in order to use them. Always consult your tutor when considering the use of psychological tests in your work. 

All testing tools are considered copyrighted and you must seek permission from the copyright holder before using the tool.

Psychological tests are either commercially available for purchase, or unpublished. You can usually find unpublished tests in journal articles, books or freely available online.

The best starting place is PsycINFO to find tests that have been appended to journal articles. You can also find journal articles about studies where a specific test has been used using the Tests and Measures field. CINAHL also allows you to search for tests or research instruments.




Test suppliers

When you look a book up on Library Search or your module resource list, the record will show you a number which tells you where you'll find that book in the library. Other books on the same topic can be found at the same number, or "shelfmark". If you want to browse the library shelves for helpful books for your studies, use the list below to guide you. 

Psychology - 150

150.15195 Statistics in Psychology

150.721 Psychology research methods

152 Behaviour and emotions

152.4 Emotional intelligence

153 Cognitive psychology (conscious mental processes and intelligence)

153.15 Learning

153.43 Memory and reasoning

154 Subconscious and altered states and processes

155 Differential and developmental (child) psychology

155.2 Personality psychology

156 Comparative psychology

158 Applied psychology

158.3 Counselling psychology

158.7 Occupational/organisational psychology

Ethics (Moral philosophy) - 170

Occupational/professional ethics 174

 174.2 Clinical/medical ethics

Social Interaction/social psychology - 302

302.35 Workplace psychology

Education - 370

370.15/370.1523 Educational psychology/learning and teaching

Forensic Medicine - 614 

614.15 Forensic psychology

Diseases - 616

616.0019 Clinical health psychology

616.85 Mental illness

616.89 Abnormal psychology

616.8914 Psychotherapy

Athletic and outdoor sport - 796

796.01 Sport and exercise psychology




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