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2020 Worcester Business School: Computing subject guide



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Preprints are the draft version of a scientific paper before it has been officially published or peer reviewed. Searching preprint archives can often be the way of accessing the most up-to-date research as the paper does not need to await publication before it can be read.

High quality market research is rarely freely available on the internet. Mintel market reports, for example, normally cost £1,000-£2,000 each. So make the most of our subscriptions to access this vital information. These databases are widely used by marketing professionals, so getting familiar with them can give you a head start when you apply for jobs.

Finding business case studies

Case studies are often used in business courses to illustrate management problems. They are usually written by academic institutions or professional bodies and intended to be used as teaching material. Some case studies are based on real companies; some are entirely fictitious and designed to illustrate a particular situation. ​The databases below include case studies. When you search them try adding the phrase "case studies" or "case method”. The search may also pick up articles discussing the use of case studies, so you should also look for a document type filter if available. ​

Free and fee-paying case studies

If you cannot find a case study in the Library Services resources, check these sites, but note that not all the cases will be free, may require an account, or you may have to contact the publishers directly.


UK data sources

International data sources



Psychology, Criminology, Sport and Exercise Science, Worcester Business School

Psychology, Criminology, Sport and Exercise Science, Worcester Business School

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