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2020 Copying and scanning for modules


Before using copyrighted materials in your teaching, please check that they are covered by our higher education licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA). We have separate guidance if you are copying for personal use.

You can make a limited number of copies per format.



Paper copies from print and digital materials

You can have as many copies as the number of students on a module or course, plus a copy for yourself.  The copies cannot be reused with another group of students.

You can copy up to 10% of a published work, or:

  • One whole chapter from a book
  • One whole article from a single issue of a journal
  • One whole scene from a play
  • One whole paper from a set of conference proceedings
  • One whole report of a single case from a volume of judicial proceedings
  • One short story, poem or play of not more than ten pages from an anthology



Digital copies

Our digitisation team provides digital copies on request for a specific module or course. We must do the scanning to meet the terms of our CLA licence.



Film, television and sound

Our Educational Recording Agency (ERA) licence lets you record UK broadcasts for non-commercial educational use.

You can use Box of Broadcasts to view and request recordings of UK TV and radio programmes. 




Copies of newspaper cuttings are covered by our Newspaper Licensing Agency licence. Please read the full terms and conditions before making copies.



Government information

If you want to copy public sector and parliamentary information, please see the conditions in the Open Government licence and Open Parliament licence.