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2020 Learner journeys toolkit


The learner journey is the information, study and research skills that a student brings to university with them and develops throughout their studies.

Use our research-informed learner journey toolkit to embed these skills into your curricula and help students become independent learners.

Our teaching menu helps you pick the right kinds of library sessions at the right time for your students. The menu is organised by level of study and by student need, for example adjusting to Higher Education or preparing for independent study, so you can dip in where you need.

Or you can get in touch with your Academic Liaison Librarians to discuss bespoke sessions. They’re all qualified teachers who can talk to you about how best to support your students.

You can also use our self-audit tool with your course team. This will help your team agree what the learner journey looks like for your course and how it’s made clear to students. It will also help you identify whether anything needs to change, like including library sessions.

To help you get the most from the self-audit tool, book a workshop with your Academic Liaison Librarians.

Below is a sample level four learner journey based on our experience. You can also view an accessible version of the sample learner journey.