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2020 Using The Hive in your projects


We are happy to support student projects about The Hive. Contact us before starting a project so we can discuss this with you.  

If you are a University of Worcester student you should contact your Academic Liaison Librarian. Other students, please email the Hive Admin Team

Send us an outline of your plan before spending a lot of time working on the details. The plan should include your project’s aims, the form the study will take and what you will do with the results. Tell us if you wish to take photos. Make sure you leave plenty of time to work on your plan and get agreement.

We will reply to your email as soon as we can. We may need to discuss your proposal with other staff within The Hive first. Try to stick to your plan once it has been agreed. Any changes will also need to be approved. Remember to send us a copy of your final report.




If you want to survey people, remember that you will need ethical approval. Your tutor can help with this. Be clear about why you are carrying out a survey. Make sure you have prior agreement before you survey anyone in The Hive. You will need to discuss, with your contact person, about approaching children and young people under the age of sixteen.

Your survey questions should be clear and not influence the way a person will answer. We have books that can help you with this. Your contact person at The Hive will need to approve the wording of the survey and any publicity material. You will need to be sensitive to other people using the building.

We would be interested to know about any recommendations made as a result of your survey.