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2020 Requesting resources


Journals and eresources

Our form for 2021-22 requests is now closed.

We purchase journals and eresources (databases, ebook collections and streaming media) by annual subscription. We can't order licensed software or material which needs to be hosted on a server.

As well as your business case, we also look at criteria that affect access. This includes compatibility with Library Search, usage statistics and how many users can access the resource. We rarely buy print journals as their format limits access.

We also gauge value before purchasing by looking at similar resources in our collection, and number of students in the subject area. We will run trials based on demand and staffing capacity.

Each year, we put together a review of requests, which go forward into our budget planning. Please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian if you'd like to see a review of last year’s requests.


Books for modules

Please add books for your courses on our Resource Lists system. It’s a one-stop shop for students to view all their module readings, and integrates seamlessly with Blackboard. Find out how to find, edit, and publish your lists.

Add the books you want your students to read, send the list for review and we’ll do the rest.

We will:

  • Purchase all items, subject to cost and availability, except those for partner students
  • Buy ebooks where possible, subject to price and licencing terms
  • Discuss long lists, or expensive or out of print items with you first

Remember to tell us whether books are recommended for student purchase, essential or further reading. This will help us work out how many copies to buy.


Timescales for Resource Lists reviews and purchasing


Dates requests placed

Semester 1/Term 1 Lists

May – July


September – December

Semester 2/Term 2 Lists

October – November


January – March

Term 3 Lists

February - March


May – August

Will books be available to my students for the beginning of semester/term?


Possible (peak acquisitions period)




Books for wider reading

You can order books and audio-visual materials that are not recommended on Resource Lists, for example, books that cover current scholarship or research in your area.

These items can be ordered up until the beginning of May each year, subject to budget and should be requested via your Academic Liaison Librarian.

We're also looking to expand our teacher training resources. Let us know your ideas through our Teaching Collection suggestion form.