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2020 Customer care


2018-19 achievements

Over 90% level 6 students are happy with services


Over 90% of level 6 students are happy with our services

We're delighted that student satisfaction with Library Services improved again in 2019.


Source: National Student Survey 2019



Over 89% of level 4 and 5 students are happy with our services


Over 89% of level 4 and 5 students are happy with our services

This is up from 87% satisfaction in 2018. 


Source: Course Experience Survey 2019



Study space that fits my needs


"I can find a study space that fits my learning needs, when I need to”

Study spaces met the needs of 91% of students, which is an increase from 2018.


Source: Course Experience Survey 2019 (levels 4 and 5)





93% of students are satisfied with the learning resources/technologies

This is up from 91% in 2018.


Source: Course Experience Survey 2019 (levels 4 and 5)


Libchat service rated good or excellence


“Very speedy response and solved the issue quickly”

97% of online chat users rated the service ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.





Pound symbol on a stack of books


Ebooks chosen by you

Last year we spent over £127,000 on requested ebooks from students and staff.






98 blue lists, 2 grey lists


Resource lists were accessed 274,730 times

This is a 15% increase on 2017-18.


Source: Talis Aspire Resource Lists August 2019.




Blue article iconsNew journals
​Aerial Digimap and Lidar Digimap
Antiquity Archive
Arts and Health
British Journal of Biomedical Science
Conservation Land Management
International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education
International Journal of Speech Language and the Law
Journal of Applied Arts and Health
Journal of Dementia Care Gold Membership
ScienceDirect subject collection - Health Sciences



Snapshot surveys

Throughout the year, we undertake snapshot surveys for some of our services.  In 2018-19 we gathered feedback on inter library requests (100% excellent).








Service standards

Library Services is committed to providing a high quality library service to staff and students along with excellent facilities and resources. We have defined service standards that we use to ensure we achieve this level of support.

Do you have any comments or suggestions about these standards? Let us know what you think.



Comments and complaints

We'd love to have your feedback, good or bad. We aim to provide the best possible service, but we appreciate that on some occasions you may have a concern or complaint. Please raise this as soon as you can, so we can work to put things right. Our complaints procedure explains how your complaint will be dealt with.

No formal complaints were received in the 2018-19 academic year. We received two formal complaints in 2017-18. The first, in February 2018, highlighted a lack of staff training around accessing research articles. To resolve this we provided further staff training and reviewed the webpages. The second, in March 2018, regarded a customer refund request. This was resolved by arranging a refund.