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Copying for your own use

Less than 500 words

You can make a single copy of copyright material for your own personal, non-commercial research or study.  These guidelines apply to online resources as well as to printed materials.

If you are unsure if the material you wish to copy falls within the guidelines please contact your Liaison Librarian.


A single chapter, or a single extract, or several extracts from a work, providing that the total copied does not exceed 10% of the complete work.


One article from any journal issue.

Conference proceedings

One paper from any proceeding.

Poems and short stories from anthologies

A single poem or short story of not more than 10 pages in length.

Drawings, charts, photographs and other illustrations

These can be copied when featured in a literary work such as a journal article, provided that they remain in their original context, and the copying is within the conditions described in books and journals. 

Separate permissions are needed for copying in other contexts, as artistic works are protected.