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Teaching Collection

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What is the Teaching Collection?

The Teaching Collection contains resources, schemes and ideas for students, teachers and practitioners working across a range of educational settings. Resources include books, big books, artefacts, storysacks, photopacks, flashcards and more. You’ll find the Teaching Collection on Level 1 of The Hive, at the far end of the Children’s Library, near The Studio and The Oasis. There are tables and computers nearby so that you can work with the resources if you wish.

This collection, provided by the University of Worcester, showcases a range of exciting and creative resources which can be used by students, teachers, practitioners, tutors, parents and carers, with children and young people aged 0-18. Please read through this webpage to find out how to borrow resources, how to report missing or broken items, and how to suggest new resources or topics.

Help us to develop the collection - complete our suggestion form!

Come and browse the collection to see what is on offer, or use the search box to find resources by keyword.

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Inspired by the Teaching Collection...

New resources

Click an image for the catalogue record. (For kits, click the 'contents' link at the bottom of the catalogue record to see what's included.)  If you'd like to suggest a resource or topic for consideration, please complete our suggestion form





Inspiration for Early Childhood

We have many resources for early years students and practitioners, including storysacks, titles from the 'Little Books', '50 fantastic...' and '100 ideas' series, and lots of inspiration for crafts and activities.

The Little Books with Big Ideas series and the 50 fantastic series cover a range of skills and topics relevant to the EYFS, from cooking, painting, nature and treasure baskets, to scissor skills, 'stop and listen', messy play and parachute play! The 100 ideas series covers key issues for practitioners, including outstanding practice, school readiness and EAL.

early years book covers

Our storysacks include Teddy Takes a Tumble, The Gruffalo, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Farmer Duck. Most of these are stored in crates in the Teaching Collection, and some are stored in our basement. Please just ask any member of Hive staff if you'd like to borrow a storysack, and they'll be able to help.

Resources in the Teaching Collection are organised into four main areas: books, crates, bags (artefact rail), and oversize (folders, document wallets and big books). Within each section, we use the Dewey system to classify books into topics. This makes it easier for you to browse and discover our resources! Example Dewey numbers include:

  • 370s: education and early years
  • 400s: languages
  • 780s: music
  • 820s: literature

Inspiration for Primary

So many resources all in one place! Find a huge range of children's picturebooks in the children's library, under the video wall. Also available in the children's library are dyslexia friendly reads, older children's fiction, audiobooks and children's non fiction. In the Teaching Collection, you'll find teacher resources, reading schemes, storysacks and artefact collections.

Hungry Caterpillar storysack  coding lift the flap book  evacuees suitcase resource  phonics flashcards

Greek collection  Badger's parting gifts storysack  percussion set

Our storysacks include Teddy Takes a TumbleThe GruffaloThe Very Hungry Caterpillar and Farmer Duck. Great for starting points, and bringing a story to life! Most of these are stored in crates in the Teaching Collection, and some are stored in our basement. Please just ask any member of Hive staff if you'd like to borrow a storysack, and they'll be able to help.

We have a large number of artefact and resource collections, which are useful for specific subject teaching and cross-curricular activities. Victorian toys, Egyptian artefacts, Anglo-Saxon resources, religious artefacts and stories, PE resources, photopacks, timelines, posters...find it all in the Teaching Collection!

Resources in the Teaching Collection are organised into four main areas: books, crates, bags (artefact rail), and oversize (folders, document wallets and big books). Within each section, we use the Dewey system to classify books into topics. This makes it easier for you to browse and discover our resources! Example Dewey numbers include:

  • 200s: religious education (RE)
  • 400s: languages (English language and MFL)
  • 500s: mathematics and science
  • 900s: history

Inspiration for Secondary

The Teaching Collection has a wealth of resources for Secondary level. These include teacher resource books and corresponding student workbooks, artefacts, photopacks, posters and flashcards.


GCSE, A-Level and FE students all come to study at The Hive too, so we have student workbooks on Level 3 as well as in the Teaching Collection on Level 1. There are also some fantastic non-fiction texts for KS3 in the Children's Library. We know that the Teaching Collection could do with lots more resources for secondary level subjects, so if you have ideas for topics and resources we could investigate, let us know using the suggestion form

Many secondary teaching books and resources on Level 3 and in the Teaching Collection will be found not in the 370s (education), but within the relevant subject area, for example:

004 Coding and computer science
200s Religious Education
400s MFL and English Language
500s Mathematics and Sciences
600s Design and Technology
700s Art, Music and PE
800s Literacy and Literature
900s History and Geography

Inspiration for Research

Did you know that the University of Worcester has some fascinating Research Collections?

Of particular interest to Education, we have:

  • Childhood: the changing experience of childhood since the 19th century. 
  • Children's Literature: literature published since 1800. Includes the Brown Collection of works by GA Henty; the Elkin Collection of multicultural literature; and the Hawkes Collection of exploration and travel literature (published 1800-1972), predominently based in Africa.
  • Children's theatre: we hold the Paul Harman and Vicky Ireland Collections
  • Education: including the Batho Collection of over 6000 school history texts.


Collections can be viewed by appointment. On the Research Collections webpage you'll also find details about other collections of interest, including the Hurd Library at Hartlebury; The Infirmary and George Marshall Medical Museum at the City Campus; and Worcestershire Archive & Archeology Services based in The Hive, Level 2. 

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Can I borrow resources from the Teaching Collection?

Yes you can! Materials are accessible to everyone within The Hive, and you can borrow many of the resources for 2 or 3 weeks. There are some reference only materials, such as reading schemes, and some resources held in crates or bags will need to be taken to a member of staff if you want to borrow them. Please see the Borrowing and Access page for details of what you can borrow as a student, alumni or member of the public.


Something's missing or broken, what do I do?

Before you borrow any resource, and before you return it to us, please check that all the parts are included using the contents sheet provided in each bag or crate. Items normally have a barcode number on them to help you match the parts to the correct resource. If anything is missing or broken, please report this to a member of staff at the earliest opportunity. You can also email We need to know so that we can replace the missing parts, or the whole resource. Please help us to manage our collections and keep us informed.

All books and resources borrowed from the library are your responsibility once issued to your library account. We treat reports of missing or broken items in Teaching Collection resources on a case-by-case basis. Details about overdue fees and replacement costs are available on the Borrowing and Access page. 


Suggest new resources for the Teaching Collection

Help the Teaching Collection to flourish and continue to inspire creative learning: suggest a new resource.  If you are a member of academic staff, a student, alumni, or a public library member working in educational settings or with children, we want to hear your suggestions. If you have a particular resource in mind, or want to suggest a topic or area of the curriculum which could be better resourced, please use the suggestion form to tell us. The Academic Liaison Librarians for the Institute of Education will consider all suggestions received. Ideas for suppliers and providers of educational resources as well as textbooks can be found here.