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2020 Using the Research Collections



You'll need to email us to arrange an appointment to view the collections on Level 2 of The Hive. 

You can make an appointment Tuesday - Saturday. 

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Photography using a digital or SLR-lens camera, or Smart phone, is permitted only under the following conditions and at the discretion of the Research Team staff:

  • You must read and sign a copyright declaration form.
  • You must not use flash photography.
  • Items to be photographed must be handled with due care, using foam supports and weights as necessary, and avoiding any unnecessary stress to the item, such as bending book spines or removing file fastenings, etc.
  • Photography can be carried out only in the area designated by the Research Team.
  • You may only take 50 images in total, providing copyright is not breached. If you require more than this, you must seek prior permission from the Research Librarian.
  • Publication of photographed items in any format is not permitted without copyright clearance. Please ask a member of staff if you wish to publish images.
  • Scanners, camcorders and digital camcorders are not permitted.



Research Collections

Research Collections

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