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The importance of reading

by Alison Taylor on 2021-02-22T12:30:00+00:00 | Comments

A hand holding a small pile of books aloft

One of our work placement students, Matthew Cheese, has some advice for you on the importance of reading:

Reading is an important skill. Regularly reading can help you develop your ability to concentrate and train your mind to focus correctly.

Most importantly, the reading you do relating to your course will help you build a stronger assignment. Having a greater understanding of the subject matter will help you form your own thoughts and help you in supporting/disagreeing with other points of view.

The benefits of practising how to concentrate will serve you well in the future. No matter what role you plan to be in, the ability to think creatively will always be useful. Common activities like television give your mind little opportunity to develop creative thinking. Reading on a variety of subjects will help you develop this skill. It can increase your awareness of the world you live in. Why close yourself off lockdown? Use reading as an avenue to a better perspective on our world.

If you are a student and thinking of life after University, one way to ensure that you open as many doors for yourself as possible is by having an expansive vocabulary. In a work setting or when applying for roles having a vast vocabulary will allow you to present yourself in a way that would increase your chances.

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